A Child of God

Aug 9

Deuteronomy 32:4

“His work is perfect; for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness and without injustice; righteous and upright is He.” – 

A little girl climbed into her daddy’s lap and asked him to build her a dollhouse. Much to her delight, he promised to do so. Distracted by his business, the father forgot about his promise. One evening he entered his daughter’s room and saw all her dolls and doll furniture packed in boxes. When he questioned her about it, she simply said she was packed for the upcoming move into her new dollhouse. Although he had not even begun to build it, she knew he would do it because he had promised. His word was good enough for her and her confidence in her father never wavered.

Our confidence in God should be like that little girl’s. Our God is faithful and just, and He keeps His promises. So make time today to thank God for His perfect work, His just ways, and His faithfulness.


My Lord and Savior…..my hope is in you. Your promises exceed my every hope. I thank you for everything you have given me and all that you provide. As your child I open my heart to accept your gifts and your fruitful blessings upon me. As my living and faithful Father you keep your promises and I am so grateful. Thank you for your constant faithfulness to me.  Amen 

Psalm 143:8

My trust is embedded completely in you Jesus. You know me, you know my needs and you hear my prayers. I am so grateful for all my blessings. You always provide, you are always near me. You care for and nurture my efforts and you walk with me through challenges and the harder times.  I always rely on you teaching me the way I should go. Your love for me has been constant and sustains me each and every day  I can feel your presence in my heart. Thank you for my life, my strong beliefs, for my loved ones who you also care for. I hope to always do my best for you.

Today is your Sabbath Day. I give you all my honor and praise. Thank you my Father God.  AMEN 

I Have An Appointment…..

Aug 5

Job: 23:10

“Yet He knows the way I have taken; when He has tested me, I will emerge as pure gold.” 

These words spoken by Job during his time of extreme suffering offer us insight into our own times of hardship. Like Job’s, our persecutions and trials are by divine appointment. But we do not go through them alone – God keeps us by His grace and love as He trains and disciplines us. He is forever wanting to stretch us and build us up, and uses our trials to test us by fire.

What if we viewed every hardship as God’s perfect plan for us? This would give our trials a whole new meaning, wouldn’t it? Trials move us out of complacency and mediocrity to a stronger, purer faith. So ask God to give you the wisdom to see your trial as He sees it. If you will do that and trust Him in the process, you will emerge as pure gold!


Jesus  I am here. I have places to go, people to see and things to accomplish. Stop!  Because I know that no appointment or commitment or daily task is as vital to my being and my welfare as my appointment with You!

YOU alone bring me to my knees, you alone know my heart and my thoughts.  YOU alone give me exactly what I need. You alone are with me whenever I reach for you or call out to you

Jesus….you alone are my divine appointment. This Friday morning I meet you on your terms. I listen, I pray, I adore thee. I want to hear your great plans for me. Plans to prosper me and not bring me to distress  I confess my hurried pace, my lack of patience to allow you to work in me, and to be very still….to listen for your quiet and steady voice. Forgive my haste. I give you now my open heart.  Calm me, hold me and forgive my sins. I am sorry in my heart for having offended thee. I wish to be yours to mold and to shape. I am clay. Take me and breath your life into me right now. In your holy and precious name…..Jesus…. Hear my prayer.  AMEN

Reflections from Contessa

My mind can trip me up. But my soul is right on “the mark” when I’m in my gardens. My garden time is my happy time and place. I loose myself in hard work with the weeds and the soil and the creatures and plant life.  It’s healing and your heart justo knows it’s where you belong. Oh what would I do without my gardening moments. They capture my thoughts, my imagination and my awesome wonder. How could I be me……without my time in the gardens. I am one grateful and very blessed woman. My happy place is my heart and my soul in the gardens I serve.

Thank you my Lord. Oh thank you….. so very much!!

Vertical or Horizontal

Aug 2

Genesis  50:20

“And as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…”

The best teacher in the world is hunger. The best teacher in the world is cancer. The best teacher in the world is heartache, or brokenness. All too often we tend to coast through life until the bottom falls out. Then we realize that we’ve been living in the power of our own strength and resources. We realize that we’ve forgotten the vertical, which is the reality of God. Vertical people are those for whom God is real. They understand that in the temptations of life, the injustices of life, and even in the exaltations of life, God is at work. Vertical people look up and above, not down and around, because they are focused on the wonderful panorama God provides for those who keep their eyes on Him.

Are you a horizontal person, or a vertical person? If you’re ready for a new adventure in your walk with God, decide today to become a vertical person who seeks God and His perspective in every situation.


Oh Lord hear my prayer. I fall short. My stature is not of tallness  I desire to be tall for you  keep me ever tall, straight,  and looking up.  I am learning from my my love who is a tall vertical man. He honors you in his daily walk. You have sent him to help teach me. Today he needs your help to stand as tall as you want him to be. He accepts your tall challenges and I pray that his day will turn….to all the tall challenges you have before him, because I learn how to be taller and look to only you when he shows me how to-do it better….. for You!



Ravensworth – 5 hours today (REVISED) THURS – 7/28 – 3:07 pm

Week 5 and counting……

Resetting brick border; digging the brick trench deeper; raising the brick level, straightening, and removing weed protection sheets from the bed. A fabric which has two layers but in this clients case it’s not preventing them. So we are pulling it up. It was here when our client bought the property but it is so thick it’s making it difficult to plant anything new without taking it completely out. So sheet by sheet we are pulling it out.  Very hard work because a two inch layer of weeds has grown on its surface.   Its coming along.

Also digging up buried slate pieces and we will reset them  They actually help with soil erosion from the slightly sloped bed beginning in the far corner where there is a new underground drain.

Yes it’s  a project…..all right!  Back tomorrow

Making progress but will most likely be here all week

CONTESSA” says …..it’s all good

REVISED – Thursday – 7/28 – 3:07 pm we can go  we transplanted one mature Hosta today making three plants and some more of the weed protector sheets were removed.

We are taking a break. Once our resident decides what to transplant and what to purchase we will mist likely return to do that work and a final addition of the black mulch is needed….but we have accomplished a lot

Our homeowner likes good “aged” looking brick without holes so for now we’ve gone as far as we can go.  She will find them herself,  as she is particular about color and a certain look.  

We look furward to an ongoing relationship with our client  a knowledgeable gardener who wants to do more of her own work  but we will stop in to commiserate on next steps.

Here is today’s video:

We did reset/recess several of the brick today so that no one will trip if they visit her yard. A bit lower in the trench. Safety being important to our resident homeowner. We completed 8.5 hours this week. And we now break for a couple weeks.  Onward to two other pending projects. A nice four day break in temps so we might can get a few things planted.

It’s a wonderful location and a wonderful yard. She’s a lucky lady. So private back there. And her “back” is really her “front” as she points out,  since it’s an underground unit with a small front stoop area. Regardless,  it is a lovely and very desirable location. And her beautiful fig tree is a “stunner.”

The Mystery of God Almighty

7 am and my Almighty God….thank you for giving me a rising sun on what will be a mild and somewhat cloudy 78 degree day. I will work in a few rain drops but the reprieve from high 90’s is so welcome. Thank you Father for this break in the heat. It has been a long stretch. I know it’s your season to send hot summer weather. I guess it reminds us to be grateful for all the days. Oh just to have another day of life and being. May I offer all of my day to you as I tend the garden for a Soul who is somewhat handicapped. Someone who try’s very hard and is working very hard to rehabilitate in her home. A very good soldier who is really stretching her body to do more every day. Please help her Lord to rely on your encouragement and your strength. She has faith, a true blessing. I try to help as time permits. Her garden is her paradise and I know she has communion with you in her little “oasis.”  We are kindred spirits and I ask that you be with us as we share productive gardening time today. In you holy and precious name……JESUS…. we honor you in our lives.

• Amen •


Rejoicing…. in Gods Many Blessings

Father, I Rejoice and thank you for always intervening in my life and letting me have a personal relationship with you. Thank you for your love for me today and forevermore. Thank you for all the many blessings you’ve given me, and my closest loved ones. Help me to use those blessings to bless the lives of all I meet and speak with every day. The “others” need your blessings too,  and I ask that you use me to help open their hearts. May I live a life of true “Joy” as I see “You” at work all around me. In Jesus’ name I Rejoice  in your presence in my heart and my inner being. I love thee Lord Jesus with all my heart, my  mind and my soul.  I honor you now on your Sabbath day.





My Father God….I honor your choice

……..my Father God….. how I honor your intimate knowledge of me and of the godly man you have chosen for me. I feel you calling us to a special union. My joy and my earnest wish is to share with my chosen lifetime partner the fruits of your spirit. We will love, share peace, be patient with each other, be kind and good to each other.  We will, with your help…. be faithful, gentle, and we will practice self control. And we will always honor your requests of us, to bring YOU and your ”word” to all those we meet.

Thank you…. my Father God for your “love” gift to us.

• Amen •