Ravensworth- a new destination (REVISED) Friday – 7/1 – 10 am


We went by today at 5:30 while out doing our rounds of maintenance and watering and stopped to pick up a big pile of debris we had left in our clients side yard. Our client wanted to pay us for ten (10) hours and was out to an appt when we wrapped up at about 2 pm. So she txt’d us and asked us to stop by at 5:30.

While there we grabbed the debris. We had already taken eight bags earlier in the day when we finished up for today.
We grabbed the low hanging trimmings from a large bush and were greeted by our homeowner at the door.

Low and behold…..she wants us back tomorrow to tend the beds along the whole side of the back yard. So we are back again tomorrow. It’s been great work, and she is pleased as punch. We are here to serve. It is our pleasure. And we do admit it’s looking pretty nice back there for her. We love our work. Helping and serving…. Our blessing and then some.

AFTER…..so far…. But more to come.
Stay Tuned. Please!

CONTESSA” says …… it’s all good.

REVISED – Friday – 7/1 – 10 am 

We are continuing with our Ravensworth  project  Frankly  it’s been five (5) years since any significant bed cleanup-took place for our lovely “gardener” who is having difficulty these days doing her favorite gardening tasks. She is a very knowledgeable gardener and we’ve had some lovely gardening conversations  I’m learning and so is she. it’s been fun. We could probably chat for hours. BUT work prevails. This week we tackled the bed along the whole length of the house, in the back. We are up to seven (7) hours and are ready to turn the corner to approach the cutest little “oasis” in her yard.  A shady contemplative wonderful little corner with an overhanging tree

We will video it next Tuesday and post “before and after” work then. Its such a cute “spot.”

Best news is we are invited back to continue additional work.  We are delighted.  Hang with us for a bit longer as this project continues.  It’s been such fun.  😊

Preston Road Client/BEFORE and AFTER


Early Spring


Today/6/27/Monday during our maintenance visit


Our wonderful client on Preston Road works constantly and she knows very little about gardening. Her intro to us was: I don’t garden, I don’t want to garden and I don’t want to learn to garden, but I’d like to have one to enjoy and look at when I arrive home from my office.

Her honestly was so amazing, we could not resist wanting to teach her a little. Well-well..,,we have managed to nudge her interest and curiosity just a little, because she is so excited now to have a pink hydrangea this year. She has always wanted one. And she now even knows the names of all her “perennial” plants. Her $$$ investment in perennials was an easy “sell” because she would rather pay a little more to be rewarded each year with more robust and longer lasting plants. She agrees that buying “annuals” is a waste of money and time. But we have agreed to have a few Pansies from October through May and then a few Begonias in the summer months for just for a little added color. Simple additions…

She’s pleased as punch with her garden these days. It has   taken us three gardening seasons to establish healthy plants, but it is pretty stable and healthy looking now. She does have a very large tree that hangs over her bed space  so daily picking up of leaves and sticks that drop into her bed is very common. We take care of that for her. Our pleasure of course.

This year…. we are providing maintenance/watering for her, and daily we communicate by txt on next steps. Today we added a new flowering shade perennial called Columbine.  A sweet very unusual bloomer….and this one in the center front of her garden bed is such a pretty color. Very delicate…. and if you look…. ever so closely…..it’s quite an amazing little plant soecimen; if we do “say so. We picked it out for her.

Contessa” says…it’s all good.

EA is our “lady” Homeowner

7 am Sunday morning and we have arrived at “lady EA’s” place. She has been residing here now for two years and gradually, as her gardener we have transformed a plant-less plot into a very inviting and very well planned out corner property. Roughly a 45 x 45 ft section of the front was a packed Native Ivy Bed. We have…,vine by vine….removed all of it. The pulling process took a solid week and we did it while EA was away. The goud news is the following spring not one Ivy vine returned.

Parkfairfax then planted a small Holly tree at her request. And we began creating a garden space with new bushes to enhance the front center bed. We now have three Crimson Red Azalea bushes, two “Lady Red” Knock Out Rose bushes, two pinkish winter blooming Camellia’s, two sweet smelling Gardenia’s, just planted one week ago and three transplanted Day Lilies which we will yet divide again and create some new plants along the side if the house. EA has a very petit garden Etagere which accommodates five perennial plants potted in colorful planters. And we have  added a metal hanging basket with White and Pink Geraniums, Petunias and white Verbena.

This year….her second season Blue Hydrangea has quite a number of blossoms. The branches are heavy with fairly good sized blossoms for a two year old bush. The stems are still thin but within the next couple years they will strengthen, thicken and mature in size to support larger blossoms each year. It’s a powder blue so we are using a Nutone Hydrangea plant food to strengthen it to produce it’s true blue color. It’s a bit of a “Drama Queen” in terms of playing wilted when it’s warm outdoors, but Hydrangeas do this until they are three or four years established in their “spot.” We are delighted with its growth and it’s size in only two years time. And this year we added right beside and near it ….a beautiful pinkish/purple “Dahlia” tuber.  Beautiful blossoms and it’s also just getting started. They compliment each other beautifully

All in all…, EA’s lovely little end unit has taken on a very established look in a very short time. Often as we are working there…… we can hear complimentary comments at how pretty the property is looking. It’s come a long way and we are only just beginning. People tell us they walk up this way on Beverley Drive,  just to enjoy and see if anything new has been added to EA’s pretty garden.

We now are providing daily tidying and watering service to help keep EA a very happy “lady.”

Indeed our pleasure to garden here.

Contessa”says…… its all good.


Time…..with God

In the name of the Father,

and iof the Son,

and of the HolySpirit….


………my Father God, I come to seek comfort and complete rest in your loving arms  I need thee, oh I need thee. Oh Jesus I need thee. May I clear my mind my body, my soul and my spirit in your presence today. It has been very busy for  me, as you have graciously provided….but today I lay down my tasks and wait….for You! I seek your presence and confess my sin. Forgive me for being so busy.  It’s hard because I must keep income and work coming.  Balance can be hard. Help me because I know all good comes from you alone.  I surrender my spirit to you this morning.  I pray you will “Cleanse me” and fill me with your love.

I need thee….Lord I need thee!  Amen 

Monthly Maintenance is available…..July/August/September – REVISED – Monday – 6/20 – 2:45 pm

NEW:  We have four (4) current clients who have requested monthly “maintenance contracts.” And so we have decided to offer this service for the three summer months only. July/August and September. Maintenance will include watering as needed, light tidying of debris in the garden beds and when we visit we will make note of gardening task items that we can do at our regular gardening rate and notify you of these items, so we can schedule work task appointments to complete your work. 

Our monthly fee is $150 for maintenance/watering. If the temps are over 86 degrees we will water daily, until there is a break in the temperature. A number of you don’t want or have time to water. Folks…..It’s simply essential in VA during the summer months. And most  of the time….your garden needs water every day. So think about subscribing to this three (3) month service contract with us. Just txt or email us with your permission to START. 

We now also accept payments via: VENMO.

Again you asked for it, so we have set it up for your convenience. Just ask us for LOGIN instructions. No more writing of checks or scrambling to get cash  

Progress…. We love it.
“Happy Summer!”



REVISED – SUNDAY- 6/19 – 7:22 pm 

So in the last two days we introduced Summer Maintenance   and watering contracts for July/August and September at a fee of $150 per month.

Four of our current clients are already signed up. They will pay by the month and we will water and tidy beds as required. If temps are 86 degrees and above we will come every day, until there is a break in the weather. While  at your garden we will do light tidying.  And make special note of tasks that need attention. We will keep a list for each client. When we think it’s time, we will then seek an appointment to complete “bed work” at our regular rate.

This summer it is going to be a very hot one. Many of you have new plants and bushes this year. We installed them. So for the sake of your expenditures, watering is absolutely essential to establish healthy perennials. They cost more but in the long run are a savings because they reward you with years of beauty. We are happy to help care for and preserve. Just give us a jingle and get on our list of clients who have already signed up for our maintenance and watering contract. You will be very pleased you did. 

Contessa” says….. it’s all good!

REVISED – Monday – 6/20 – 2:45 pm 

We just booked another client for monthly Maintenance and Watering. So five (5) of you are now on the list. It’s a blessing that we have you….and a blessing that you can rest assured your gardens during our hottest months will teceive the care they need. And it very much helps us in setting up new business,  with folks who are completely new to our services. Thank you very much.


“Make A Day” ….: For Someone You Love

Social Connections

Jun 8

Mark 12:31

“And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” 

Although we live in a technological age aimed at keeping us connected, there seems to be a real “disconnect” when it comes to meaningful relationships. Jesus provides us with the answer to this dilemma in our verse. The word for neighbor means “near.” In other words, Jesus is saying we are to love those we encounter every day… not on devices, but in person. This would include family members, coworkers, classmates, fellow church members, and the countless people we cross paths with daily. We are to love them unconditionally – no strings attached. We are to regard them as more important than ourselves and put their needs ahead of our own.

So let me suggest that you make a list of ways you can encourage and bless others and pray for the opportunities to do so. Believe me, you will make someone’s day!

         I LOVE YOU…..

Ongoing Client- Beverley Drive…a continuation of new spring plantings

Our client had some spring work done in March but with the cold we had we are just now getting her planting completed. Two very nice white Gardenia bushes added today. Her Hydrangea is in its second year. Still a somewhat small bush but it’s looking very pretty and tons of buds still to bloom. We added a hanging basket, four annuals in planters on her etegere.  We created additional Day Lilies by dividing and planting in new spaces. Beautiful additions last year were  three Red Azaleas which bloomed in April, along with a two week lapse when the Knock Out Roses bloomed. We have just deadheaded them and already new blooms are appearing. Her garden is looking full and complete. Wec are very pleased at how everything we planted last year came through nicely. It’s a great garden. Our resident is thrilled. We billed today at six (6) hours.

Contessa” says….. it’s all good.

REVISED – Four Growing Seasons – Winter Berry Bush

………today we walked by our favorite bush.  And what did we spy but the Winter Berry Bush we just love filled with the tiny white flowers that we spoke of when we last posted. So the transition in spring/summer is the white flowers which as we approach the end of summer will begin to fall off and if you page down in this post you will see what it turns into. A bush with the most vibrant and beautiful prolific red berries you have ever seen. It’s the winter transfiguration.

What a marvel.  We think our most favorite female bush “ever.”

Spring – and very soon to be….tiny white flowers

Winter – the bright red berries are prolific,  but the birds come every day so by February it’s pretty much bare.

• • • • •

Early Fall/ winter…. Gorgeous red berries

This is a female Winter Berry Bush. The male bush is nearby tucked in a more shady area of this yard. We walk by it everyday. It may be difficult to tell from the photos, but it’s a real eye catcher. We especially love to see the birds coming for the berries that are tucked tightly to the branches. It’s a stunning specimen. So attracted us. We want one for our yard. Working on that.