Virginia Native Plants, Webinar Series

Good Morning Fellow Gardeners

Arlington County Government Announces……

2021 Spring and Fall Landscaping with Virginia Natives

Webinar Series

Have you heard that using native plants in your yard helps improve the environment for you, your community and Virginia’s wildlife, but you are not sure where to start? This entire series of Webinars is $10 and a huge value. Just have your personal calendar ready and schedule your time…..

Plant Virginia Natives partners are collaborating to offer a series of 12 webinars – 6 this spring and 6 this fall.

The webinars will guide you through the why and how to turn your home garden into a beautiful retreat for your family and a native habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Details and registration here.

We plan to participate and we invite you to do the same.


Saturday – a little gardening, a little visiting current clients, a little cooking, a little reading and prayer time …..our kind of day!!

Sometimes you just need to….. kick it back. It was a BZ week. We are coming up on a three project week. It’s all good. We are delighted. For today we will savor some reduced activity.

….doing a little dreaming today… can be relaxing…..


My Evening Prayer

Lord, hear my prayer this evening.
If my words are slow to come out, listen to my heart. I want to talk with you and go to my rest now with you. Hear me Lord. Take my hand and my heart and lead me in my prayer. Please answer my prayer with your love and mercy.


My Prayer Today

Good Morning God

I need your companionship…

i want to be close to you….

You are my Father, and my protector…

I can tell you my heart…..

and I know you will guide me on my way through life.

I praise you, I glorify you, and I give thanks for your never ending goodness to me.

I am safe in your everlasting and all loving arms.



Gardening Today / continuing on Mount Eagle Place.

Good Friday Morning,

Our client is very thrilled with our progress this week. Today we will resume in the afternoon because we had some very nice rain showers and so everything is a little damp. So much “green stuff” on everything so the rain really helps that. The new stone patio will be completed later today, so we can begin tending the beds surrounding it. We’ve a few things to divide and conquer, trim back, and continue tending and encouraging the new ground cover. But the basic concept is the same. Give each plant a boost with new soil placed snuggly around it. Finally mulch all –  for that wonderful finished appeal. We will be planting spring blooming Dahlia “tubers” for our homeowners “garden open house”  being held during the later half of May. It’s quite an extended patio so there is a good amount of bed space with plentiful perennials to tend too. Most likely a couple days project. Great news – we can do it in small patches of time – in phases, as our homeowner is flexible because she is still selecting new things to plant.

Next week we start another project, also right on Mount Eagle Place at the end of the circle. This is a 2020 client, so we are thrilled to pick up where we left off in the fall. And this year we are going to plant a native flowering seed garden. We created her new soil bed last fall so it should be fun to finally get the seeds planted. She ordered the seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery on our recommendation.

Our current Virginia weather is simply perfect for planting right now……so if you are gardening today, even in the raindrops,   remember that……

“to plant a garden – is to believe in tomorrow.”



Morning Prayer

My Prayer Today

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I know I am here for only ”a little while,” so please keep me aware that my time here on earth, which can bring me some weeping and mourning, will be replaced by rejoicing when I will see you Lord, in your heavenly glory. I give you all of my day today. I give you all that I am, and all that I hope to be for you.  Amen.


Gardening Today – Mount Eagle Place (revised)

Good Morning my fellow gardeners,

Yesterday we began our transformation over on Mount Eagle Place. Our   homeowner is a fascinating lady. Her garden is her sanctuary and she just completed having a quite large and beautiful “Travertina” patio installed. It is gorgeous. She is so excited after many years of living at her spot with a paver style patio – so many weeds and a constant sloping of the area. This new patio, a rather large investment, has been leveled and it’s about eight inches thick. It is set very tight, so no more room for weeds to push up. it’s really beautiful. (later today we will post a pic)

We started yesterday cleaning a bed that borders the side of the house and leading up to the front door. Photinia bushes provide a privacy hedge of sorts. Parkfairfax installed these bushes three years ago. But they are generously populated with leaves towards the top 12 inches, but from there down, very thinly populated leaf growth. Our plan is to dig out this bed around the bushes, and abate the soil with fresh organic soil and new fertilizer. We are hopeful this will stimulate new fresh leaf growth. We are planning to give it one season. If this does not produce new growth, the plan is to request their removal and plant new “Laurel” bushes next spring. We are giving it a chance  And also in this bed we are also dividing plants and removing the larger stones bordering the bed by providing a generous deep edge around the perimeter. Time for a more finished and upgraded look. We put in three (3) hours on Tuesday.

Today we are back to complete this bed and move to the other bed towards the front of the property where there is a fairly steep slope,  that does have a flat leveled area at the bottom. Here we will install a flowering ground cover. (4 ) hours today.

A lovely weather day ahead. Looking forward to more transformation.
Its a “good thing.”



Today we completed more weed removal, finished removing dying and dead debris from in and around the bushes, and finally laid six bags of new garden soil on the front sides the bed. Once the patio installer finishes on Friday, we will add more soil to the back side of the bushes and this bed will be ready for mulch. We are going to now remove all the bordering stones. Our homeowner has decided it looks much better and more finished without them. We totally agree. And she is thinking about purchasing two or three new blooming perennials for this bed, as there is plenty of room now to add a few plantings, which she may ask that we do for her. 

It certainly looks fresh and very cleaned up, and we are very convinced and hopeful these bushes will thrive, now that they are being fed with fresh – everything. 

As of this afternoon we have completed seven (7) hours. Much yet to accomplish, but it’s coming along

Today’s Progress

Final steps to begin on Friday.  We are confidant this work will improve the growth of these Photinia Bushes and that was our primary goal.


Gardening Today….a continuation at Preston/Martha Custis (revised)

A new day and a continuation of our project on Preston/Martha Custis.  Continuing to plant ground cover, lay ten bags of mulch today and prep the patio pavers with a mixture of baking soda/vinegar/Dawn detergent mixture to remove the weeds. It’s a homemade remedy that not only kills the weeds, but it also lightens the color and cleans the pavers/bricks. It’s an inexpensive “miracle worker” for a gardener. And it works on cement as well,  and is totally non-toxic.

Looking forward to pretty much finishing up this client today. But we will be “Shepherding” this property for the next month, as our homeowner is in NY until early May.

4:37 pm – Monday Afternoon  

Well today we did not finish the mulch as we ran out and we will accomplish this towards the end of the week along with cleaning the patio pavers.  Not quite there yet, but we are getting close. Four hours and 30 minutes today  A good day all and all.

Tomorrow……,moving to Mount Eagle Place to start our next  project.