Spring officially arrives on March 20th, but don’t be afraid to prepare a couple of cool-season containers now for your front stoop. It will brighten your day to see some color as you arrive home.

At your local nursery you should be able to find Pansies and Viola’s. Mix them with Red Bore Kale, annual Phlox and “Easter Bonnet” Sweet Alyssum. All tolerate the cool weather.

Be patient about trying to find too many plants just yet. We are on the cusp of warmer weather, but stick to cool tolerant plants for the next few weeks.

If you must have blooms in your life, try an Orchid for indoor color. You will be surprised at how little care is needed and the blooms generally last 24 to 28 weeks.

Use the next few weeks to wash your container pots with warm sudsy water and gather together your planting tools. Preparation is not a bad thing. Now is a great time to begin to prepare.

Seeds can be planted indoors now. Most seed packets provide the best information right on the back of the packet. Visit your local nursery, without the intention of buying. Just see what is available and take a pad with you to make some notes about the kinds of things you like.

If you have Forsythia or fruit bearing trees on your property, now is a great time to snip some branches and bring them in for force blooming. Tepid water will do the trick. Enjoy them as they last for such a short time.

As the end of March approaches, the nurseries will begin to receive more and more plants. Try to hold off until they have a plentiful supply.

Most of all, enjoy the promises of Spring. It is indeed a beautiful season for a gardener.