Yesterday I was asked: what do I do with the green tops of my flowers, once the blossoms are gone.

Answer: The green tops are vital to next years successful bloom. For daffodils, you can wind them around your finger and tie them to the ground in a knot. Do not cut them off. Once they begin to wither, you can cover them with mulch. Even though they look dead, underneath the earth, the bulbs you planted are gaining nourishment from the green stems for next years bloom. In essence, they are feeding.

Tulips are a bit more tricky. Their stems are more stiff. Just lean them down or step on them and cover them with mulch.

If you are planning on planting any annuals in and amongst your bulbs, now would be a good time before you cover stems with mulch. Space new planting in between your bulbs. Once finished, then go about covering your bulbs with the mulch for next years blooming season.