Planning on entertaining for the upcoming holidays.  Our Blue Crab Bay assortment of munchies makes a great addition to any party.  We have in stock, dry roasted Sea Salt Peanuts, Sea Salt Almonds and Blue Crab Bay Crunch mix, ($10 each) dredged in bay seasoning.  And, if you are planning on making Bloody Mary’s we have the BM mix ($12.95) with/without clam juice.  It is spicy and ready-made for your pleasure.

As a holiday special, we are pleased to be able to offer a 10% discount on “special orders” of a case of munchies (12 cans to a case). They are a great gift giving idea and will disappear in no time at your party or neighborhood gathering. The snacks are a great office gift or for your employees.  Guys really love them.  $10 – $12  And we stock crab or shrimp dip kits; just add cream cheese and a dash of Tabasco, or Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice for a quick and tasty dip at $12 each.