Our “rug” guy, Darin was here on Saturday at 9 a.m. to bring in a new selection of “rope rugs” from Maine. They are selling fast, so come see our selection.  These eco-friendly products are made from recycled lobster trap rope. The Maine lobstermen can no longer use rope to capture lobsters.  Our Northern whale population was being tangled in the rope and a law was created to mandate the removal of rope from the process of catching those delicious lobsters.  Hundreds of jobs were created pulling the ocean-weathered rope from the sea and more jobs were created for folks who could hand craft this end-use product and help bring a positive change to marine life, the environment, Maine workers and the lobster fishing tradition.   All together, two million pounds of rope was salvaged.  The average lifespan of these rugs is ten years and they are a 100% recycled product and they will never mildew.  You have to see the Rope Rugs of Maine to appreciate them.  Contessa’s sells two sizes.  $56 -$66