We have completely stocked our “Thymes” Bath and Body products shelves, and we invite you to come by this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) to take advantage of some of these lovely products.  If you purchase any two (2) items and add a third (3rd)  item, we will give you one-half off your third product selection.  This is a great savings, and a wonderful way for you to try a fragrance that you haven’t experimented with before.  At Contessa’s, we think Thymes is just the very best product,  We are so proud to showcase the following fragrances:  Lavender, Clary Sage Tea, Naia, Eucalyptus, Lotus Santal and Jasmine.  And for the Winter season we have added one of the signature fragrances called Goldleaf. It is so beautiful and makes a very elegant gift purchase.  It’s a good thing at Contessa’s.