Contessa has entered into an arrangement with Quinn’s Auction House to provide “pricing and appraisals” for their Estate Sales “Partners” division. Contessa has a sixteen year business relationship with Quinn’s and many years experience in pricing and appraisal. We are very excited about this new opportunity. The best part is, we will be able to preview estate sale items prior to actual sale events, which means more art finds and more exposure to better art acquisitions

Since the official closure of our retail store in Alexandria, VA we have opened several new doors. We  now sell Vintage items on Etsy,com at our tradename of ContessasHome. We  also provide “by appointment” and class instruction in Gentle Yoga, and we have booked two art shows for 2015 at private schools in the Alexandria area. A  portion of the sales at these upcoming events will be donated to the “private schools” involved. These are Fall season events and will be announced via this blog in future months. Stay abreast this blog for dates and times

We are privileged to be able to diversify on so many new projects. This exposure has been great for us. We love working at what we do best. We have been so encouraged that so many of you have contacted us since we closed our brick and mortar store in Del Ray. Servicing your requests and many Facebook questions has been fun, and you have expressed missing us on “the avenue.”  To be totally honest,  we don’t miss the day-to-day operation of our store…..but we do miss Y O U !  Customers are what it’s all about, and we will never loose our passion for doing business with YOU.  We do very much miss your faces, your animals, your kids, and your in person visits.