imageWe are at a quirky 1940’s constructed home. This one will be a tare down. New young money moving to this neighborhood and mega-mansions are replacing these war-time built homes just inside the beltway. Our family is moving into DC. They spent many years in China. This home is full of art, trunks, artifacts from the revolution, sculptures, wood wall carvings, textiles, Asian style larger antique furniture and tons of books. A strong Russian and German influence in the reading material. This has been a challenge to price as the values are higher than the average home. Very interesting collectible treasures. It’s been a study week. Lots of research involved. We have learned a lot. We are always up for new learning experiences. But we had fun too. We are very optimistic that our sale will be very successful.  The beautiful weather is a total benefit to our effort

Off to Potomac next week. We’ll touch base later.