imageYup!  Today we did some outdoor gardening for “Joe” a long time resident of Del Ray. It’s very hard to believe the weather we are having is conducive to gardening but the earth hasn’t frozen yet. Now is a perfect time to clean up. Beware though, we may have frosty evenings in the next couple days. Last minute flowering plants can still be brought inside, like your Geraniums. They can be repotted and placed in a sunny window. We did this at our house and ours is bringing new red flowers just in time for the holiday. It looks so lovely in our living room window.

We have decided to continue giving you gardening tips on our blog and push these posts to Facebook. We will make posts to provide gardening information on a monthly basis.  We have learned that we still have a local Contessa’s following. We trust you will enjoy this information as it comes along  Enjoy!