The Rembrandt Album, Box Set Collection of thirty-two pictures, by Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Reproduced and issued by various processes, The Heritage Press, New York. The pictures in this album are copies from Circa 1606 through 1669. A detailed two-page chronology is included with the collection of eight color photographs and twenty-four etchings, using painting, red chalk and pen and brush. Pencil sketch, and sepia/black and white photography are among this collection. Of particular interest is our signature featured piece, a red chalk of The Last Supper, about 1635, (after Leonardo da Vinci).
Photograph number thirty-one, and next to last, and smallest in the collection is of Rembrandt himself, a self portrait, about Circa 1663. A lovely collection and each rendering is top-mounted on 10″ x 13.5 toned paper. Suitable for immediate framing.

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