imageimageimageAs we are almost to March, and because our orchid is blooming so wonderfully we decided to pass along our “Contessa” tips for the growing and care of orchids. This pictured specimen is one year old. She is in full bloom after a whole year of dormancy. She is producing six beautiful blossoms. One more bud is forming very slowly on her stem. Given our years of growing orchids, we expect that for the next six weeks she will be in her blooming stage  it’s totally been worth the wait.  Often we can count on a two month blooming phase so we will see….

So what have we been doing with this “lovely” over the last twelve months  First off she sits about one yard away from a window that produces full sun/light daily. We replenish the top of her surface with fresh orchid bark about four times in the year.  Over time and with watering the bark level recedes  Give your orchid fresh bark medium regularly. After all, this is her home.  Bags of bark are available at your local nursery  They are usually rather large.  Not expensive, but you can share with a friend, so pick a friend who also has an orchid and it won’t feel like you are wasting anything.

Water your orchid once ever seven days. Personally an ice cube or two is just not enough moisture. (You heard us right, and we will stick to this advice).  Remove your plastic pot from your cachepot and carry it to the kitchen sink.  (Purchase Miracle Grow Orchid Food – it’s a turquoise powder inside a box and a small spoon is provided for measuring)  Fertilizer is a must twice a month if you want repeat blossoms. Mix one-quarter teaspoon to a gallon of water and pour the entire mixture over and through your orchid.  In between, water your orchid with tepid tap water once every seven days.  Do not allow fertilizer water to touch your green leaves. Always wipe the top and under side of leaves off so that no moisture remains on them  This helps to avoid any possibility of disease.   Do Not be afraid to water your orchid throughly, but never let them sit in water.  The key is to allow the water to pass through completely.  Allow the plant to sit on a paper towel for about fifteen minutes so that any excess water can drain through.  Now move your orchid back to its cachepot  You are good to go for another week.

We hope this info was useful!  Tell us about your successes via email at: or you can provide comments on this blog.