Tomorrow evening we finish up our six-week class. At this moment, we are scheduled for seven (7) in attendance. It will be a great class as we practice some “deep breathing” and add a few new positions.

Please remember to hydrate. If sitting on a hard surface is problematic, bring a blanket that you can fold to sit on. We will have fifteen minutes of meditation at the end of our class.

A couple of you have paid by-the-class because you were hesitant to pay for six classes in advance, in case you could not attend a class. The fact is, if you pay for six and cannot make a class, you don’t loose anything. I keep track through your attendance sheet. This is why it’s important to sign in when you arrive for each session. Our classes are ongoing every Tuesday.  If you wish to save a little money, be comfortable knowing that you can make up anytime. And if you wish, you can make up a class by coming to Del Ray UMC any Tuesday at 6 pm. Any questions about this, just let me know.

See you all tomorrow evening.

Penny/Yoga Teacher