Greetings My Yoga Peeps…….

Tomorrow evening we will meet for our 6 pm class as scheduled.  Fifty minutes of Yoga and no meditation tomorrow evening as we are car-pooling to the National Cathedral to walk The Labyrinth. We will leave promptly at 7:00 pm. If you are not attending Yoga with us, but you would like to go with us please be on time for our departure.

Please be thinking about an “intension” that you wish to meditate on, or you may pick a “word” that is meaningful for you – a word that you can repeat as you walk the Labyrinth.  Such as joy, patience, understanding or perhaps love.  This will be your word to carry with you for the next year to help you with your spiritual reflective journey

Meditation is an important component to a spiritual yoga practice. I wish you heartfelt discernment as you choose your word or your intention,  and I will offer prayer for all of you, that you find truth in your personal spiritual journey.

See you tomorrow evening.

Penny/Yoga Teacher