Hello Yoga Peeps,

Our Yoga classes continue in Del Ray and Arlington on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We are at the DRUMC, Lundsford Hall at 6 pm on Tuesdays. And, we are at the Arlington Forest UMC, at 6 pm on Thursdays. Our classes run continuously each week/month on these days. Each class is $9 or you can sign up for six classes for $45 which is a $10 savings. You never loose a class if you cannot attend. Just sign in when you arrive and you are good to go. We do not charge you for any class if you miss coming. If you are a first timer please arrive fifteen minutes early so you can complete our required health and safety information paperwork.

Our class method is “Hatha Yoga”and is a beginners practice. If you have specific questions, please phone us to discuss our curriculum. Everyone from children to over 90 years young should be comfortable in our class. Do not worry about over exerting. We will work with each student and make sure you are comfortable with our routine. Our class is fifty minutes and is followed by fifteen minutes of meditation, which is optional.

If you are receiving this notice and are not currently in our class, we are simply passing along this information so that you can share with your friends and neighbors about our class offering. Currently the cost of a yoga class runs about $16 to $22. Our goal is to provide you with health, well-being and spiritual renewal. We feel led to share our practices with you so that in body, mind and spirit you are whole. Thank you for referrals and for your support.


Penny/Yoga Teacher

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