Hello my yoga friends,

I discovered some extra upper body movements we can do (for our newest member Carole) and we will do some new work with our “bands.” If you have a band, please bring it. We can all share. If everybody arrives a little bit early, or at last on time, we will get started right away. Julie purchased a foam block. I will have her demonstrate the use of a block. If you have one of your own, please bring it along. Once we all have one, we will progress to block positions.

We continue to add new things each week. Our group is taking a nice turn and it’s really so good to see each of you making progress. We are having fun and getting and staying fit. Working with you is such a positive part of my week. I trust it is for you as well.

See you on Wednesday. (6 to 6:50 pm)
I have a mid-week service at my church in Del Ray at 7:30 pm, so we will try to dismiss promptly at 6:50 pm.


Penny/yoga Teacher

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