Hello My Yoga Peeps,

We will resume our Yoga schedule beginning on Wednesday, September 13th at The Church of the Brethren at 300 Montague Street in Arlington, VA

Our class begins at 5:45 pm and we finalize at 6:35 pm. Free parking is available and we meet in the church hall on the ground level.  Rev Nancy had been generous to allow us to continue at her church location.  Classes are $10 each.

We will begin with Sun Salutations and provide great stretching and IT Band techniques, as well as, arthritis sessions in our practice. And we will strengthen and stretch the belly muscles. Did you know there are three different belly muscles?  We will start from the beginning and work our way up to where our class left off in May.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday September 13th. It’s going to be a great yoga year.  Start stretching out now to get yourself ready for September 13th

We are on vacation from August 25 through September 5th and will answer you back if you have any questions. Trusting you all had a great summer break


Penny/Yoga Teacher