We took a good walk today since we cannot garden. Being  outdoors helps to keep boredom from setting in. Since I’m a gardener, I have come up with a list of things gardeners can do to help pass the time while COVID lingers and we remain frustrated with our gloomy wet weather.

My list is in no particular order. Take what works for you.

  1. Breathe. In order to make ourselves quickly available for any emergency, we can be much more effective if we breathe and stretch.  I personally practice my Yoga.
  2. Shake. There is a growing body of evidence that shaking our bodies does wonders for our immune system. It also relieves Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms. Since massage is out of the question, try shaking your arms and legs. Go take your walk or ride your bike where it is safe.
  3. Vitamins. Take your vitamins, not just your usual multi-vitamin, but in this time of incredible stress, increase those supplements that support your immune system. Check with your medicine specialist. Vit B-12, Vit C, and Zinc are my favorites.
  4. Talk. Talk to someone even if its  through an email or a phone call. Share yourself and your stories about how things are going. Everyone is going through the same thing. We may have to adhere to guidelines for social distancing when we are out walking,  but online there is no limit to whom you can “touch” and connect with. Reach out.

I just looked at a Monday weather forecast. It looks to be sunny and 69 degrees. Something to look forward to is wonderful news and great emotional medicine.

Have a great weekend.

Penny- The Garden Contessa