We trimmed back dead growth on this 30 year old lLilac. It should be a bush not a tree. Right now it’s at least 20 ft tall. Years of neglect have made it so tall that you cannot even reach the fragrant blossom stems. But if you walk up close you can smell it just fine. We’ve done the research and when this blooming season ends,  we are cutting it down to waist high. It wants to be a “bush” not a tree. Nevertheless the blossoms came after we did some spring manicuring. They smell so sweet. And although once we trim it back, it will take 2 to 3 years to mature into a “full bush” and blossom again. The wait will be so worth it. We are saving bushes and trees and plants – one at a time. Our community is worth it.

Have a wonderful day out there….gardeners!!!!