Picturing Nantucket reveals a complete spectrum of the islands artistic heritage. Complete with 125 color and 180 black and white reproduction photographs from the Nantucket Historical Associations extensive collection. If you treasure Nantucket Art, this book is an essential reference for your personal collection.

Pristine copy. Measures 10.5” x 12.5” x 1”
A beautiful coffee table book. 253 pages.

A true Art History of the Island.


English Furniture, From Gothic to Sheraton, an Antique Dealers or Collectors reference guide. Originally published in 1937. This copy is an unabridged republication, of 1968 by Dover Publications of New York, NY

For those who have a home that is more than a mere dwelling, who appreciate the work of bygone ages, when the craftsman lived for the joy of his art. Complete with 900 illustrations.

Soft Copy, 406 pages. Beginning with the dawn of construction in Wood.

Library of Congress
Card Catalog Number 68-19173