A memory in photographs and text about the later private life of Hollywood legend – Katherine Hepburn. One of the most photographed faces in stardom. This book is a memoir of her “private world.” A fascinating collaboration of 150 photographs. She was an American Hollywood icon who preferred to be called “Kate.” A rather simple woman; fiercely independent. John Bryson was the editor and photographer. Kate said she did this book because she trusted him. Her own words were dictated to create this extraordinary look into the places she loved the most. For Sale on Etsy at $45.

The Book jacket is “ever so slightly” frayed around the edges. A classic however, and if you admired her movies you will love this book. Kate was not a fancy female. She was just “who she was.” This book gives you a rare glimpse into her rather un-fancy and down to earth lifestyle. Quite the dame she was!