Some progress today. Ivy is a rascal to dig up, but we did have good weather this morning for our work.  More  than  half the garden bed is complete. We will be back at it on Monday. In the meantime we have a vision of placing three very nice sized perennials in this clean bed. It’s a work in progress. Our homeowner is getting excited to choose plants. She wants pretty, low maintenance and something colorful around this new Holly tree that was planted by Parkfairfax when she moved in. Most likely the Ivy would have eventually choked this new Holly, we have made room now for it to thrive and to grow.

If you look carefully to the right/rear of this video, close to the completion,  you can see two (2) small/taller Urns we planted early in the week for our resident. Twenty (20) inch dwarf Evergreens surrounded by Creeping Jenny and purple Lobelia.  We will change out the summer trimmers with sturdy Ivy or perhaps Violas for winter. Our lovely owner wants to string cordless lights on these little trees. Very nice we think!  

We plan to follow with additional posts as the project progresses, so stay far it’s been good fun… even the digging up of the Ivy.  It is called –  “personal accomplishment.”


                PURPLE LOBELIA

                 CREEPING JENNY