FOXGLOVE – Digitalis

Dearest Lord, I’ve been thinking about my roots. My cousin sent me some pictures last night of native and rare prairie flowers at the farm in Marshall County, Iowa. I am unable to share them as he has restrictions on copying. But receiving them reminds me that I come from the roots of these plants. I’m thinking that it’s taken me 75 years to find myself working with soil and Your earth. I cannot tell you how privileged I am to serve your purpose as I tend gardens. It’s definitely where you have planted me. Thank you Father my God. You are my Father and have been since I was a child, as my earthly Father was absent. But You alone have brought me the comfort that I needed. You have always been very loving, kind and nurturing. I always counted on your love for me. But I do not wish to ever take your love for granted. “Teach me your way, oh Lord” was my prayer, “and when I grow old,  I will not depart from it.”

The Iowa farm is alive and well and is being planted and harvested every year. My cousin shares progress every week with me. He is one of my only relatives remaining from a very large Irish immigrant “prairie settling family.” He and I are blessed to share stories with each other of our childhood days on the farm. I treasure these memories and we both are thankful to You, our almighty and gracious God,  for our farming heritage. My Lord and my God, I cling to your goodness and your provisions both materially and most importantly, spiritually. Thank you Father in Heaven.  Amen.