Visiting and FREE first time consult on Mt Eagle to check out a shady front yard bed. Customer is requesting recommendation, selection and planting of two larger bushes for the area near her stairway near the front. She  is removing low lying plants, combining all her Lenten Roses (4)  and we will add the new bushes. We will select appropriate bushes at Merrifield during our Sunday visit. Hopefully we can find flowering perennial good sized  bushes. Our job is to recommend and then she will decide. Our seniors in PFF still want to maintain their areas but they need help, so it’s our pleasure to recommend and do the planting.

A single shot and Video of her area. 

Our homeowners garden beds are tidy but rather spread out and smallish. Her goal is to “fill in.”  We will take care of her. It’s all good.


At 9:30 am we were back at our Martha Custis location from last week. This time the back yard. We became so absorbed in proceeding with this project we neglected to take our “before” video. So in the morning we will go by and video what we’ve done so far. As it turns out, we may be on this project slightly longer –  as our resident realizes that getting the beds and patio in order is just one phase. We need to level the beds, select suitable plants, abate the soil and finish tidying. She is garden savvy so will help with plant selection. The project is to bring it to a place for robust spring planting. It is a very shaded patio so we will be challenged to find suitable “shade loving bushy perennials that are tidy and low maintenance. Merrifield has such a vast selection of plants to choose from we are certain we can find great plants. And we will be treating the slate pavers with a weed treatment to get it to a place where repeat weeding is minimal.  A great project and very cordial client and yet again very good work. We love it, and our fabulous weather is such a wonderful contributor to this project.

Posting current video with progress so far, tomorrow……stay tuned!