This is a last years video.

We completed work for our client, but as you can see, the bed is sparsely populated and definitely needs our touch. So our client called last week and this morning we visited the garden center to select new plants. We will do our regular clean up and also plant new selections. Our client gave us a generous budget and we purchased plants we think will do well in a very shaded garden bed. We purchased a new blue Hydrangea called Endless Summer and two evergreens and some ferns and a nice selection of  Coral Bells. And we are adding a ground cover for fill in between plants. It’s called Ajuga. 

Before we left this morning to head to the nursery we stopped and took a video of how it currently looks. Definitely, they need our fall spruce up.

Tomorrow we will begin the work and will post a final video once we finish.

It’s our pleasure as this is a lovely client and she needs our help. Looking forward to it. We think we will be working a full day. Weather suggest some rain, but it’s all good.


REVISED today 9/29

We have completed our work for our client today. We finished up with a total ofvfive hours today. It’s looking very good. Our lovely client will come home this evening to our final contribution. We are pretty confidant she is going to be pleased. As a courtesy for such great work, we are going to water daily through October 4th, gratis!  New plantings require a boost. We are pleased to provide this little extra. And we have convinced her to have us come once a week in Oct and Nov to keep things tidy

This was a fun project in that we were able to make all the plant selections and execute as we wished. A dream job honestly. Little supervision and a “carte blanche”  to do our thing. Our pleasure.