This Video is the right and left beds – prior to any work

Yesterday we began this new project located across from Park East Condominium on Martha Custis. A lovely well kept courtyard and it would appear mostly longer term residents. The townhouse we are working at has established garden beds, but the homeowner is located out-of-state with the Air Force. His tenants are secured through military transfers so they tend to be three to five year occupancies. The last tenant added a ton of plantings and so our homeowner would like to re-do. We started work on the small bed next to the door on the left. Only three items there. One extremely overgrown Azalea, one unhealthy Knock-Out Rose bush and one very weathered Yellow Mum. Now that the bed floor is cleaned up and all three bushes have been trimmed way back, we can consult with our homeowner. We have several recommendations. A txt went to our client last night and we are waiting to hear back. Four hours today on this project and our homeowner wants honest input on how we wish to proceed.

Next week we will be back on Monday and Tuesday. We’ll post our collaboration ideas with the homeowner here. Our initial conversations during our “site visit” suggested a complete overhaul. It will be interesting to hear their ideas and attempt to mesh them with ours. So far it’s good work and cleanup is very satisfying. Stay tuned!


Attached is our video of yesterday’s clean-up work

Also included one snapshot of the bed in progress.

We visited the nursery on Wednesday. A dreary dampish day. The bushes we were looking for looked rather spent. So the plan is to finish clearing and cleaning up all the beds. Next spring we will do the planting since new bushes will be plentiful. So it’s going to be a two part project. The focus for this week is clean out the beds, trim everything back and lay fresh new rich garden soil. Yes it is pricey. But frankly one inch down was all thick mucky clay. Not desirable for planting new expensive bushes at about $50 a pop. It’s been a pleasure to advise this client. He totally gets it, The medicine we are prescribing is to offer a future for his garden beds. And since he rents it out and is stationed in Texas he needs “the fix” we suggest to last and to thrive.

This video is the entire right bed clean up and two photos iof a good start in laying the new rich soil. We will finish next Tuesday we are pretty sure. And then we post our Final Video.


The project ended up at 15 hours.  Our out-of-state owner is thrilled with the transformation. Best part is, he is looking forward already to new spring plantings.  We will be “at the ready” to assist  Let’s hope the new washer/dryer and refrigerator arrive soon, so he can get it rented.   It’s a very nice property.

We so enjoyed this  project.  Our homeowner was easy to work with long distance. On our end, it felt like a seamless transaction. We are preparing his invoice now. He provided an advance deposit and we will now txt his final balance.  Easy-peezy!!

We are very grateful for hard, but satisfying work. Blessings!!


Tuesday Evening 10/12 Update

Our client has now asked us to lay hardwood bark mulch in the beds.  We hope to complete this on Saturday.  The “final” touch. It’s all good.

FINALE – Wednesday 10/20 – 2:45 pm