The beginnings of Irish Potato Soup……

Prep time:  30 minutes – Easy/Peezy

A staple at my house growing up. Potatoes were always in our garden and on our table almost daily. In fact, it was my task to peel the potatoes after I arrived home from school. I was to set the table for dinner and practice my piano every day. I was in charge as my Auntie and Uncle worked until 5 pm.

Potato Soup is simple. Potatoes, onions, celery, one tiny chopped carrot and one chopped leek. Clean and lightly sauté the leek and add it once the vegetables are cooked. The secret is to cook the vegetable only until slightly tender. DO NOT OVERCOOK. You want some texture. Watch it carefully. Once cooked, drain off almost all the water which should just  barely cover the vegetables in the pot. Then add the sautéed leeks. Set aside and let cool, uncovered

Stay tuned……..we will post final directions this afternoon. Paired with grilled cheese sandwich’s it’s so heart warming, and one of our favorite fall/winter recipes.



Sauté one (1) Moderately chopped and rinced leek in 1 tablespoon butter. Starting  to wilt – not brown. You just want them tender.

Before photo

After photo – sautéed and wilted down

Combine ALL ingredients and add enough milk (we use 2% milk) just to cover, plus one and a half extra cups. Now place in the refrigerator for two hours. Flavors will combine. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Two hours later, remove from fridge and heat very slowly uncovered.  You don’t want it to cook it, just come to “hot” for serving. It is delicious.  We like to add a small “pat” of butter when serving and a dollop of (low fat) half and half for creaminess.  Salt and pepper to taste .And if 
you are a bacon lover, you can sprinkle some crispy bacon chips on top  YUM! Ready to serve