It occurred to us that we have not mentioned planting bulbs for spring blooms. Frankly, because our winters are more mild than years gone by, we think it’s still safe to plant. Just dig your holes deep enough and make sure you add some fresh soil to the dig. And be sure to water. We have no water source right now, as PFX has turned off the spigots, but certainly you have a bucket. This is your fix. And we recommend you sprinkle the mound with “blood meal.”  It’s a miracle worker that keeps the squirrels from digging them up and eating them. Today is already sunny and beautiful. A perfect day to still plant bulbs. Have fun.

Note:  As you are planting your bulbs, pause and look up to the sky and the heavens. Our Savior God is watching over you, our earth and your bulbs. Think about the promise of new growth. Growth in you…and in the beautiful flowers that will emerge come April/May. It’s a miracle to be sure. And it encourages us to know that the process of “new growth”  and “blessings”  continue to grow every day. How wonderful and encouraging.

Blessings from “Contessa.”