Hello Friends,

We wish to announce our spring Yoga class. We will begin posting the details of our spring class in the PFX Forum Newsletter beginning in January, 2022. Do be on the look-out for it. It just makes sense to give our prospective classmates an overview of what will be included in our curriculum. Several of you may be very experienced in Yoga and we will always welcome your attendance. Our class is designed specifically for “beginners,”. Maybe you tried a class once and were defeated right off the bat. Generally that is because you were not in the right class. It’s so important to start with the basics of Yoga. They are; proper breath, stretch, balance and pose/form. These four components help you discover an inner strength you may not know that you have. But…they are the key to developing a long lasting love of Yoga. Yoga at your speed and level. They will encourage anyone, of any age, to learn a progressive yoga practice at any level, be it beginners, intermediate or advanced. You will gain a self confidence about the strengths in your mind, your body and your spirit.


We are currently still gardening for a few of you, and our wreaths project is ongoing. Wreath deliveries will commence December 10 – 15.

Do stay tuned to this blog for new offerings. We may conduct private personal “consults” to help folks prepare a plan on paper, for their spring flower/planting season. Meeting up at an outside venue to put pen to paper, and create a personal spring gardening plan. A chance to socialize safely, create some new acquaintance and learn new things about gardening basics. So many things to share and we are told that these “gardening tips” could be useful to so many of you. Your inputs gave us this idea. Thank you!

We may even create a podcast re; Potting 101

Stay tuned for new updates and new offerings from:

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