Breakfast…. your most important meal of your day. I have two poached eggs with some sliced Avacado at least two days a week. Eggs and avocado are low fat and combined help promote “Brain health.” On my other days, I cook Gluten Free “Oat…meal.”  And the rest of the week I eat plain unflavored low-fat yogurt with apple, banana, a few berries and sprinkled with homemade honeyed granola oats. It’s very filling and so fresh tasting.

For me….it’s my best way to begin the day. It’s necessary and it “revs up” my engine for my gardening daily activity. And I’m usually only consuming water up to lunch time at about 3 pm. My lunch actually becomes my lunch/dinner. And in the evening I most often eat nuts and some fresh or dried fruits

I feel healthy. Like everyone, I have aches and pains, but my daily diet in conjunction with my Yoga routine and thirty minutes of brisk walking  is the key to my overall health and the better movement of my body.

I challenge you to keep moving and always make time every morning for your breakfast.

…..happy eating and exercising.  Motion is lotion!!

Start where you are…


PS:  Please stay tuned for “tips from Contessa” as we all prepare for my upcoming Beginners Outdoor Yoga class in May, 2022.