This Geranium is the last of our summer/fall. It’s been outdoors every day up to the recent snowstorm. Geraniums do not mind the cold at all, but a freezing temperature will “bite” them hard. So I always bring them in when a hard frost is inevitable. The leaves have started to die back. I pulled all the withered and yellowing ones off this morning. This process will continue unless it can once again get some SUN and go outdoors again. Regardless, we will, as they say in gardening speak – “winter it.”  It will survive, but all the blossoms and leaves will die back eventually. At that point we will diagonally cut back the stalks. And water normally one day a week. It won’t produce anything new most likely until late March, but believe it ir not, as soon as the arrival of spring SUN comes round- it will revive. And then we will probably dig it up and replant the bare, but green stalks in fresh soil. And the “miracle” of new growth begins again. It’s so amazing and so interesting to observe. A living plant all over again…….,  As a real gardener, the process is so amazing and rewarding. It’s like a “re-birth.”