Christmas Cactus is a very colorful houseplant and several of you undoubtedly received one this year.  They are low maintenance and pet friendly. If well cared for, they will grow and bloom for years. It’s well known that if your planter is too large for your plant you won’t have very many flowers. They also don’t care to be repotted while they are in their blooming phase. Chances are that if you received one for Christmas it came in a plastic pot, suited to it’s current size. This plant likes crowded roots so if you like the planter it’s in, chances are you may never need to repot it – ever.

Chrustmas Cactus likes dim or indirect light. A north or east – facing window is best.  Be cautious with direct Hot sun. It will cause it’s leaves to discolor. Cactus flowers are delicate and often fall even with the slightest movement, so once you find a good location, it’s  best leave it be. Do not try to rearrange the plant in it’s pot, as it frankly prefers no touching.

Folks are often very proud of their Christmas Cactus that they have been growing for 20 years or more. So be sure to compliment their achievement…….

“Contessa” says….it’s a good thing…..