This Winterberry Holly Bush is such an eye catcher. We discovered it on our walk. I finally ran into its owner yesterday. This particular bush is about five years old. The first three years it did not have the red berries. Like many plants it takes some time for them to establish. During the spring/summer and early fall it has a lovely green foliage, that is compact and thick.

Right now, it is blazing with red berries. In the autumn and winter, this deciduous female Winterberry Holly is very ornamental and beautiful. It’s perfect for bird lovers and makes for beautiful cut arrangements indoors. It prefers damp and wet soil habitats. It is highly attractive to bird lovers and cut-flower arrangers. It is full of branches and they are very compact and close – making for a beautiful bushy specimen. It thrives best when heavily pruned back in late winter. The idea being, it lives to produce berries on new wood branch growth. In fact each time it is pruned it “branches and berries” even more. It is a sturdy bush and very visible. A terrific border plant for along a driveway or in a partly shaded woodland garden. Very pretty near a white fence or house background

Prior to the berries blooming, comes a tiny white flower that is highly profuse in aroma. If you can purchase a male and female starter bush you will be very-successful with good pollination. One caution: the red berries can be toxic to pets.

We are lovers of this bush. It is a very easy plant to care for  and you will enjoy many an “admiring passerby.”