We started this project in November and worked in between a couple other projects up to Thanksgiving. We were able to complete the front yard in entirety – to include a new mini evergreen for her holiday planter.

We accomplished a few days in December up to the 15th. Winter then set in. Today looks like a “promise” to continue where we left off. Our resident is pleased to have us continue. We will report about noon. It’s basically a weed job to further prep her long back bed with a deep new garden bed and a grassy area – to ready it for planting “sod” between the garden bed and the border of her slate patio.

We are looking forward to a little physical activity and getting her yard – one step ahead for spring planting and completion. ”TEMPS” today are favorable and the sunshine  is coming out. We will truly enjoy being out there. “God is good to us.”

So my gardening friends…..take a look at your yards. If you’ve projects-  there will be windows with favorable weather when we can accomplish some yard work for you. We are happy to hear from you, when you need our help.

Here’s to a pretty day!