……some book learnin’

Studying bushes today. On our walks we see so many new types of bushes and we would like to learn more about them. Our community has a limited selection, which frankly were planted over thirty years ago. We’ve been talking to the DOO at the Parkfairfax yard about introducing some new bushes when an owner/client requests a change. Most  often it’s because the bush they want to take out – technically belongs to the community, thus requiring some permissions. But clearly some bushes we come across have seen their last days and we would enjoy helping our clients select something new without having to seek lengthy community approvals. This is a proposal we have introduced to see if it’s possible to execute without condominium committee approvals. Mind you these are one (1)bush changes, not a number of bushes. And our clients wish to upgrade to nicer bushes at their cost. We think it an acceptable and improving process. We are hoping to hear back about our proposal.

In the meantime, we’ve begun learning about new bushes that we have identified as we do research and talk to other private homeowners about bushes they have planted and had great success with. Often one or two new bushes can make a lovely difference in a small yard.

Contessa says “it’s a good thing.”