Today we are looking back at some completed and some ongoing projects from last year, 2021.  We take videos of our work from the beginning, up to the point of the seasons completion. We thought we would share a project that was a referral. This clients next door neighbor used our services. Referrals are always welcome. We think it’s good to show folks just what progress has been made. And it’s also great for us to view these projects as a reminder of things that we can pick up on for this next year. Our clients rely on us to touch base with them to discuss what we can do for them as each new gardening season approaches. We enjoy seeing these  “before and after” videos. In many cases we’ve come a long way. We have quite a list of clients at this point, and each year we meet so many new folks as well. And our PFF community office now refers to us when you call the office as the “communities gardener.”

It is our pleasure to spruce up and tidy your yards. We live in such a fantastic community and the more we all care for our properties the better Parkfairfax gets. It’s such a pleasure to work with all of you, and we are really looking forward to spring 2022.

Please plan your consultation now, for the month of April. It is honestly not too early to do so. Our calendar will fill up very quickly. Each year you all call at the same time and to be fair to everyone, current and brand new clients, we want very much to be able to accommodate everyone without causing too much delay. As you know, once we start, it tends to “commence” pretty quickly. We are ready to take appointments now.

Thank you very much,

The Garden Contessa



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REVISED – 1/24/22 / 4:30 pm 

Our text is somewhat lengthy and we included videos, but we think a compiled list of specific tasks might be helpful for your consideration. This then gives you a “soup to nuts” perspective on the total package of the work we completed.

• Invitation was set to trim all bushes ( they were all very overgrown and growing into each other) We trimmed them 15 inches from the ground, and away from the back brick wall 20 inches. A clean, tidy and manageable distance for being able to properly care for them, without being crowded and making it much easier and more manageable to care for them. This had never been done. Now they look fresh and have lots of room for new growth, and it’s an extremely tidy and clean appearance.  And everything will bloom much better

• Cut back all summer/fall plant bed growth

• Transplant and divide  three (3) Lenten Rose making more plants for next year.

• Trim all undergrowth away from under the bushes. Allowing for easier access to clean up the beds

• Remove all plants from the center courtyard. Thirty years worth of old and “has been” Hostas. (plans now include a visit to the nursery in the spring, to select new hardy perennial plantings at our clients cost) new plants or bushes to stand the test of time. Most  likely flowering

• Mulch all beds.  Haul away 10 bags of dead growth and debris to the community dump

• Rake the property and edge the beds

This project, for two units, side -by-side was billed at a total of six (6) hours.

We hope this gives you a perspective on everything we were tasked with doing. We certainly look forward to helping this great client again in the spring. We have created a friendship and an ongoing client. And other members of this courtyard  have expressed an interest in using our service this year, 2032.

“CONTESSA” says:  It’s a good thing”