Psalm 139.14

Good Morning my Holy Father,

….you who are all-knowing of me. Please teach me your ways. I humbly ask for your wisdom and insight in my gardening assignments. I want to learn and to understand more, so that I can walk in this path you lay before me. Teach me to listen carefully. Teach me to resist any selfish temptations, and to share my knowledge in a teaching, but humble and helpful way. As I do this I learn more. You are all knowing and it is my hearts desire to please you. I want to build a more beautiful world in your honor. I thank you for this foundation that you helped me create. I am grateful for your calling, and this opportunity to work in my occupation that I not only love, but helps me to learn and enjoy my work with a full and thankful heart. I feel very blessed to receive this work and your generous provisions. You Father are very wise, so please nurture me in your path. I seek to spread the love we share with each other – to the people I am working for. It is all my honor to be with you in your earthly gardens. All glory and honor to you, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen