Gardening Friends,

It was a perfect opportunity yesterday to sneak in a couple hours for one of our clients. We did a check on all the new bushes that we had installed last spring. Three Azaleas and two Knock Out Roses, and one Blue Hydrangea. We trimmed tiny pieces to make sure green growth was coming through. All is well. We can see growth in every bush. Great Success!

We tidied the beds, repositioned mulch around all the bushes, re-established firm placement and trimmed dead growth from the Pansies. This will encourage them to bloom once more. And we “deep edged” half of the largest bed. On our next nice day we’ll put in a couple more hours to finish what we refer to as our “mid -winter clean- up.”  It was necessary. To finalize and provide a finished look, we raked the entire property. Believe it…. we had four bags of debris for the community yard dumpster.

Video above is for the two hours completed yesterday.
It was such fun…..and we left our client very pleased.


Please do think about scheduling some mid winter clean and tidy time with us. Next week is looking promising for milder temps. We are happy to work around your schedule and if you happen to work from home,  we can confer in person once we arrive, to commence with your work requests. It’s a great time to trim bushes and clear under them. A fresh new look. “Give it a go.”

We thank you for your support, and we always enjoy meeting up with you when we come round.

CONTESSA” says…..It’s a good thing!