We are pleased to present “before “ and “after” videos of a late summer, early fall 2021 project in the 1200 block of Martha Custis Drive. Our homeowner, was not in residence,  but his property was being prepared for a new rental opportunity.

We met in a brief outdoor, on the sidewalk visit in front of the property on a Saturday,  before our owner departed for a new military assignment in Texas. We received instructions to remove everything in the beds, except three well established Azaleas and one Hydrangea. But we’re given permission to remove those as well if we felt they were not suitable. We raised the level of soil in the beds by three inches, deep edged the beds and weeded like crazy. These beds had approximately ten years, with three different tenants who planted randomly. The beds were horribly overgrown and certainly no plan had been adapted regarding plant heights, or consideration given toward sun/shade and Virginia weather. It was in way overgrown shape. We also amended the soil with two different new soils

We received a $200 deposit and began work one week later after a 20 minute “brief.” All permissions and reports of work, including progress by photos and video were how we communicated for three weeks with our homeowner. This was a 22 hour project. It was a smooth and very easy communication by txt “process.” And it was loads of fun. We were given a great assignment and we were up to the challenge.

It turns out our homeowner is a military “General” in the USAF, who had been given abrupt orders to move to a Texas assignment. Such a great person to work for. His trust and confidence in our work was a true gift.  He was extremely pleased with our work and he has now very successfully rented his Parkfairfax townhouse. 

It was our joy to help. We are going to follow up as soon as spring arrives, and we are being tasked with purchasing a couple new bushes and perhaps a few perennial flowering plants. It was our honor to serve this  gentleman. We worked very hard, but the end result was very gratifying.

The “end of story” here, is that if you want the job done well, you need to hire us to do your work; we are precise, we do not cut corners, we are hard working, creative, knowledgeable and we respect your opinion, on exactly what you want to achieve. And we will honestly interject our opinion on what we think will work best. We love a new challenge and will give you all the “time” needed to complete your assignment.  It is our pleasure!



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