Hello my Gardening Friends,

It seems we are still experiencing some chill. Spring is officially here, but one day we are at 72 degrees and the next down to below 30 degrees at night. And so it goes in VIrginia. We adapt. 

Monday we do have a 4 pm gardening consult at a single family home on Valley Drive. Our homeowners have just completed an outside exterior home renovation, so now the garden beds need to be recreated. Right down our alley. We love to start a project from scratch, and we love bed creation. We are looking forward to this consultation. It might be quite a chilly afternoon but our homeowners both work, and they are anxious to begin.

Tuesday we are “OPEN” for a  booking…… just in case it might warm up and you may need us. You are welcome to call us and reserve this spot. 

Wednesday we just took a booking for a spring cleanup on Mt Eagle in the 1500 block. Our client was with us last fall. We are always happy to hear back from a repeat guest. A very small front yard, but we enjoy bringing a fresh new tidy look. It appears it might be a mostly cloudy day but temps are very favorable. We will enjoy this assignment.

Thursday we will go shopping at Merrifield Garden Center  with our Ms. Peggy. We are selecting new bushes for her common ground courtyard bed. She has lived in the 1200 block of Martha Custis for thirty years and she wants, at her cost, to upgrade the center courtyard bed. We will fix her up by helping her select and plant the bushes for this location.   Our pleasure indeed. In the latter half of November we cleared the bed, so it’s ready. We will of course amend this bed with new soil and top it off with fresh mulch.

Whiie at the nursery we will select a new Rose Bush for her neighbor who has rented out his unit. The “General” was our client last year. He lives in Texas and we are overseeing his outside property. We will invoice him via txt

A potential new client that we visited with on Saturday, who lives on Holmes Lane is going to meet up with us, and we are helping her to select bushes to plant in front of her newly installed A/C/Heater unit. This install is required by Parkfairfax for code/esthetics. If she finds and chooses bushes,  we will complete the install.

It could be 
somewhat of a full week…. dependent on our weather. Having said this, we are happy to talk with any potential “new clients.”  Do call us if you want to schedule an appointment. 

CONTESSA” says …… it’s a good thing!