Today we start with one of our thirty minute FREE gardening consultations. Our potential client lives on Gunston Rd near Greenway Place. Our appointed time is 10:30 am.

REVISION #3 – MONDAY – 4/25 – 4:00 pm 

Our FREE consultation last week realized some advice and gardening information for our potential new client. He will be in touch with the PFX office to learn about Buildium and proceed with placing a ticket to have eight healthy bushes removed from his two beds on either side of his entrance steps. We must say it’s an odd arrangement. They are Laurel. Healthy but need a relocation so he can have a spot in which to plant some perennials. We advised him to use the community Buildium tool to report the issue. It should not be an issue finding a good home for these nice bushes. Once the removal is completed we will consult with him to select some new plants and create pretty garden beds outside his front door. It’s all good…. and a new neighbor who wants to learn about planting. We are happy to teach. Yes!!

Following our 10:30 consult we proceeded to our Preston Rd appointment. Our repeat client asked us to purchase three (3) new perennials, come to tidy and see if we can revive her mini Evergreens. She admitted her own neglect during March to keep them watered. We’ll see if we can cut back dead growth and fertilize to stimulate some new possibility. While there, we’ll make sure everything else in the beds is looking healthy and secured in the soil. This area has tons of frisky squirrels and they seem to really thrash about in her beds in particular. We’ll spread a good coating of “blood meal” to help prevent them from disturbing her plants. We’ll plant the new items, add a few seasonal annuals. More on Monday. This  project was billed at three (3) hours inclusive of the mulch application. Plus the cost of three bags of mulch/$15, and 3 perennials at $50.

REVISION FINAL  – Tuesday – 4/26 – 6:44 pm 

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At 2 pm we arrived to the 1000 block of Beverley Drive to complete a routine maintenance and tidy. It’s been since February that we were there. We will fill her new larger metal hanging basket with a Coir Liner. We will then use Geraniums and some trailing vines to fill it. And we will place three (3) new Begonias in planters for her Etegere. A fantastic client who gives us the freedom to do the work as we see appropriate. A good two to three hours work here. Five (5) new bushes planted last spring here, doing fantastic. Three (3) Scarlet Red Azaleas and two (2) Cherry Red Knock-Out Rose Bushes. We will fertilize. Redefine the edging on the beds and tidy the Pansies planted last fall.  Very soon they will give themselves up to the hot summer temps and we will replace them with summer annuals.

REVISION #2 – Sat – 4/23 – 4:34 pm

Today we really weeded, saturated every bush with the hose laying near each one as the hot sun was really drying the blossoms. They were very thirsty. We trimmed the Holly Tree  and used the hose to clean the porch under the Portico. So much yellow pollen covering everything. Secured all the plantings and deadheaded spent blossoms. We have been  nurturing a Geranium all winter for this client.  It was huge but very green. We have cut it back to stalks and planted it in a white planter situated in the sun in her garden bed. Once it starts sprouting we will transplant it to her new metal hanging basket, which we found. We have used this technique before to recycle a plant back into a new bloomer. Frankly, it usually blooms even more the second year. We will see how it produces this year. Today was a productive three (3)hours. Monday we will return  to weed and tidy the side bed along the whole length of thus corner property. It’s a “tons if weeds” project. At least another (1) hour.

Stay tuned Monday for our FINAL  progress videos as we are not at completion just yet.

REVISION #3 – MONDAY – 4/25 – 4:00 pm 

All finished at Beverley Drive until time to purchase annuals for planting once thePansies “give it up.”

Most likely Impatiens or Periwinkle will be the replacement. We will be doing the install. Photos to follow once complete, along with pics of the planters on her Etegere and her hanging basket.


An absolutely perfect day for gardening.
Many shared blessings will be enjoyed, and my heart is filled with gratitude for my gifts and the labor which i love.

MY Lord and Savior God, you are generous with your always timely provisions. Thank you!

Spring came to us in its own time this year….. even so, we are exceedingly grateful.