Our “BEGINNERS” OUTDOOR HATHA YOGA CLASS ……FOR MEN and WOMEN  will commence on Saturday, May 21 at 8 am. We will meet every Saturday for ten (10) weeks. Please come to the grassy area, at the “triangle” on Preston and Valley Drive. Bring your Yoga Mat, a towel or small blanket you can roll up, and water for hydration. We are very excited to see all of you. Each class will be 50 minutes. Our first two (2) classes will be FREE. Please call us and sign up in advance, if you wish to take advantage of this FREE, 2-class offering. Our eight (8) remaining classes will be $15 each/$120. Checks or cash accepted. If you wish to pay each time you come, just let us know in advance. We encourage you to arrive ten minutes early to sign in and pay before our class begins promptly at 8 am. If you prefer, you can pay for all eight remaining classes at a reduced fee of $100. Feel free to contact: Penny, at txt, 703-548-1882. We welcome your weekly attendance, and look forward to meeting all of you. Please do phone us if you have any questions. We are Licensed and Insured. See you Saturday, May 21 at 8 am.