Three full blooms today – appropriate on Mother’s Day

……and they will bloom for about 5 or 6 weeks…

Look closely at the center of this photo. You will see a tiny “knob” on the stem. This is most likely the beginning of another new stem that will produce blooms. Our first bloom was (six) 6 flowers. So we are hopeful it will bloom once again.

We have it placed on a tall fern stand right near direct light…..but no sun. We water it thoroughly through from the top with the sprayer attachment at the sink. Tepid water, not cold. Let it drain right through. Several minutes. Turn from side to side making sure no water has settled in the bottom. Place on a towel on the counter. Let stand 20 minutes so all water drains off. Place your orchid back in its Cachepot.

Orchids can be pricey but most flower bouquets last about five days in water. Your Orchid blooms a long time and your reward is it will bloom again and again. Three blooming cycles are normal each year. Fertilize once a month with a pitcher of water and commercial fertilizer especially for orchids. Use the pour straight through method just the same as before

We love them and they are so beautiful.