I’m missing a photo of one large Rudy Red Rose Bush. It’s in our car “boot” but I think you cannot see it with the shade.

Anyway, it was a good trip, we took care of three (3) clients and will proceed to planting tomorrow. The plants have already been delivered to our clients. It is such a joy to visit this nursery. Plentiful supply and helpful staff. We kind of know the “lay of the land” at this point, so we are able to navigate without having to ask for assistance. It is a huge campus so go prepared to do some walking. Do dress comfortably and wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

In our latest PFX Newsletter Ad we included Nursery Site visits, by appointment, as part of our offerings. It’s so worth it to go, if you can book a time. We will pick you up, or meet you there. And we assist you with selection based on your sun and shade. One lovely benefit of going with us is the corporate discount we have established. For example, today we purchased a larger Pink Azalea Bush and our client received a $12 discount on a bush that retailed for $40. Welcome news

Now that the rain is behind us, we can all finally start planting in our gardens. We’ve all been waiting to be outdoors and kick off the warmer season. We do believe it’s finally here. Do remember to enjoy the planting process.

“Contessa” says….. it’s a good thing.