Our repeat client has a woodland property with prolific undergrowth in a bed we created a couple years ago. No budget had been set aside to proceed with any significant  plantings. But since then we have made two attempts at cultivating some wildflower seed. The area is very shady and located in a yard that has very patchy grass growing with a ton of weeds. Unfortunately they keep invading this bed. Native Wildflowers are generally very small at first. Maybe only about an inch tall. It can take up to three years to mature them. It can be frustrating for someone who has little time for care and cultivation. Having said this we have decided to try one more time. In  the interim we have recommended adding a few perennial plants for some growth and color in the bed. While a cost is involved it provides certain growth for our clients satisfaction. They want plants but have no idea how to really care for them.  

We hand tilled the soil aggressively providing holes in the earth so that the seed would absorb into the soil. We used a bag formula of mixed seeds (wildflower) recommended by a farm nursery in MD.

And we added three hardy and well established perennials. Two Day Lilies, one peach and one yellow, along with a shade lover called Huchera which comes in many gorgeous colors. We pushed for this  to help stabilize the bed and to give our homeowner blooms to look forward to. Not being a gardener…. it’s sometimes difficult to persuade folks to invest in plants. Most typically, real hands-on gardeners are quite comfortable spending about $250 for each spring growing season. So we become an advocate for trying new things and actually beginning the process of filling a bed. It’s fun, rewarding and helps the client learn new plants and how much they nurture and enrich our lives. It’s very satisfying to watch plants grow and mature. But it can take some persuasion on our part to help their confidence in investing and planning a yearly budget for plants. Having  said this….. here are photos of the plants we added and our FINAL VIDEO. We saved all the native Virginia  “Violets” in the bed as they are very prolific and a sweet filler to maintain the woodland “look and feel.”  We do like them and nature provides at no cost. And our homeowner has a “honeysuckle” that overhangs the bed. Very natural, free flowing and a lovely aroma.   

We spread two bags of high quality garden soil which we sprinkled in abundance to help hold the wildflower seed mix  in place and in the end, we lightly mulched the entire bed. It provides a finished look, but it also helps to hold our new seeds in place. We are hopeful for our clients benefit. But with huge overhanging limbs of the trees in this very wooded area, SUN is a sparse contributor. It’s all about trial and error. But it is always good to try. We are happy to accomplished this “try” for our homeowner.

Contessa” says…it’s a all a good thing.