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Our second year at this property. Little by little we introduce new and smaller ideas. This homeowner likes our ideas. Small steps. A few planters with flowers and the purchase of  a pink Azalea bush.  LWe have proposed tackling the area on the slope leading down to the front door. They are receptive now that we’ve done a few things for them. Building trust is important with our clients

On Wed this week our homeowner, after a year long hurdle  over the construction of their cement/brick patio had news that resulted in their lovely patio being torn out….at their cost. So some funds must now be appropriated to reconstruct. But they still want to proceed a little at a time. We are happy to accommodate.

For this spring a few planters and the new bush gave them a lift and a mental boost. They were so appreciative and excited to have even just a little “pretty” and color in a few pots.

Certainly our joy and pleasure to accommodate. It was actually a fun “little project.” We know there is more to come.

Contessa” says……it’s a good thing!