So…..this is “Milkweed.” Most often seen on farms,  in pastures, along the side of country roads in ditches and we spied two stalks of it ten days ago, right in the center of a neighborhood Daylily bed. We just pulled hard and it came out.  No real roots to speak of, just white dirt covered ends.  So we cut the tops off creating a pencil length stalk and without even washing it off, we put it in a glass of water in the kitchen window. A gardening friend didn’t think it would root or produce anything. 

Well today we looked at it….and there it is – new growth on both stalks. Nearer the top.

We are going to plant it in the garden in a sunny spot. Remember it develops an underground traveling root system so it can spread and become highly invasive – so plant it closer to a wooded area where it can grow without disturbing your more domestic plants and flowers. And once it takes off – do your best to contain its growth. It’s a bit like the herb “mint,” it will spread everywhere.

We only waited ten days for this new growth. Amazing plant life. It cannot stop itself. Nature just keeps on giving. We love it. And very soon we will have “butterflies.” How can you not love this. Pretty exciting!!!

Contessa” says….. it’s all good