So this property is at the very end of a very long strip of homes. This woodland area is so far back from Gunston Rd  that it’s front door is literally 40 ft from woodlands. As we were working a good sized Deer passed in the lower brush and he was not even 50 ft  from our working location. We quoted six hours for this project,  but in all honesty since it had been five years with no upkeep it could have easily been ten hours. But our homeowner who is renting it out will now receive both spring and fall appointments so as to keep things maintained and in rental worthy condition.

Our pleasure… this go-around at six hours. Our unexpected event here was that we get bitten alive by natures trusty Oak Mites. They are “buggars.”  Beware if you are over that-a-way walking your pooches.


Tons if debris removed from this site – as the bushes had not been trimmed in five years time. PFX came to collect it all with the “mini John Deere.”

It’s looking wide open and very spiffy now. And bugs will be less likely to congregate. It’s all good.