Tomorrow we start a “garden renovation.”  It’s a gorgeous garden, but our resident homeowner is looking for some colorful blossoms in his “green” space. 

So in and amongst all this beautiful but very crowded plant life are some Black Eyed Susan’s. Coming up now, and showing buds. (Bright yellow with brown centers). We are going to be paring down the scale of several plantings. Divide and conquer, remove all the Hosta and add perennial splashes of colorful blooming plants. Such as Purple/Bluish Butterfly Bush, Orange Tiger Lilly’s, maybe some Rose bushes in peach, red and yellow, and and White Peony’s are also an option.

We will be arriving at 10 am and will start by digging up all the Hosta. (approximately (8) eight). They are huge.  Parkfairfax has agreed to provide new homes for them all. Our residents rear property backs up about 800 ft to the Coryell Pool,  so he thought it might be a great spot to relocate them to. They can then be enjoyed by everyone in the community, or transplanted to a more shady woodland setting. No need to waste anything –  will be our motto during this renovation.

And so we begin at this new and exciting project.  As we  proceed we will post additional updates. We will make a couple site visit trips to Merrifield Garden as our client wants to select his own plantings.

He has loved the Garden he bought with the house. Things have really matured and grown and so it’s time for him to put his own stamp on his property. He uses the back patio a lot for guests and entertaining so he wants to give it new life. We are very pleased he asked us to help.

Contessa” says ….. it’s all good.………….!

REVISED – Monday – 6/6 – 7:31 pm

We’ve tight in video space so tonight we have photos. Anywhere in the video above where there was Salvia, way overgrown we have removed it today. Ten )10) bushes that are now surrounding the tree on the outside of this yard. Our crew guy was not at work today so tomorrow he will haul them to the yard. Originally they were the size of basketballs. Pretty foliage with dusty purple flowered stems. But they had grown to the size of tires, were flattened out and extremely woody on the stems. Sort of what a real gardener would refer to as has-been’s. They (3) covered the backyard entrance and the bed was so flat. We severely edged this bed and used the dirt to fill the holes where these plants were located and we “built” the bed up. Super attractive now.

Tomorrow we are removing all the Hostas. We count ten (10) and next week we will do a nursery site visit to pick out colorful flowering perennials. We are only just beginning. There is much to accomplish. It’s very exciting. A total new look coming. Stay connected with us.