………today we walked by our favorite bush.  And what did we spy but the Winter Berry Bush we just love filled with the tiny white flowers that we spoke of when we last posted. So the transition in spring/summer is the white flowers which as we approach the end of summer will begin to fall off and if you page down in this post you will see what it turns into. A bush with the most vibrant and beautiful prolific red berries you have ever seen. It’s the winter transfiguration.

What a marvel.  We think our most favorite female bush “ever.”

Spring – and very soon to be….tiny white flowers

Winter – the bright red berries are prolific,  but the birds come every day so by February it’s pretty much bare.

• • • • •

Early Fall/ winter…. Gorgeous red berries

This is a female Winter Berry Bush. The male bush is nearby tucked in a more shady area of this yard. We walk by it everyday. It may be difficult to tell from the photos, but it’s a real eye catcher. We especially love to see the birds coming for the berries that are tucked tightly to the branches. It’s a stunning specimen. So attracted us. We want one for our yard. Working on that.