Our client had some spring work done in March but with the cold we had we are just now getting her planting completed. Two very nice white Gardenia bushes added today. Her Hydrangea is in its second year. Still a somewhat small bush but it’s looking very pretty and tons of buds still to bloom. We added a hanging basket, four annuals in planters on her etegere.  We created additional Day Lilies by dividing and planting in new spaces. Beautiful additions last year were  three Red Azaleas which bloomed in April, along with a two week lapse when the Knock Out Roses bloomed. We have just deadheaded them and already new blooms are appearing. Her garden is looking full and complete. Wec are very pleased at how everything we planted last year came through nicely. It’s a great garden. Our resident is thrilled. We billed today at six (6) hours.

Contessa” says….. it’s all good.